Sunday, June 30, 2013

Who 'Created' God ?

May the peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon you

Many a times we heard this question "Who 'created' God" from both atheists and agnostics.

The most fundamental and a single sentence answer is -

Almighty God does NOT posses an attribute/property of 'Being Created'.

In our daily life we deal with measurements such as KM (Kilo Meters) and KG (Kilo Grams).

- We know that there are 1000 meters in 1 Kilo Meter.
- We know that there are 1000 grams in 1 Kilo Gram.

But, how about this -

How many Meters are there in 1 Kilo Gram ?

Clearly, a human being knows that it doesn't make sense to inquire how many meters are there in 1 Kilo Gram because -

• The measurement named Kilo Meter does NOT posses an attribute/property named Gram.

Whatever we see in this world is created. So it is quite natural for a man to ask this question "Who 'created' God". 

How Come The Question "Who 'Created' God" ? 

Suppose a person who ONLY knows KM (Kilo Meter) as the only measurement unit.

- He will try to measure a person's age by the means of Kilo Meters!
- He will try to measure a commodity's weight by the means of Kilo Meters!

In the same manner, we humans ONLY know things that are created by someone. Hence he reasonably asks the question who 'Created' God? 

Man presumes that if everything is created then Almighty God should also be 'created'. This is the point at which he fails to understand Who Is God.

 Before asking the question 'How many Meters are there in 1 Kilo Gram' he should know what does it meant by a Meter and what does it meant by a Kilo Gram. 

 Before asking the question 'Who 'created' God' he should know 'Who Is God'. 

Here comes the need for the true knowledge on the Attributes of Almighty God.

Glorious Quran on The Attributes of Almighty God

Glorious Quran which confirms all the previous scriptures, clearly explains the most important attributes of Almighty God.

"He is The First and The LastThe Ascendant and The Intimate, and He is, of all things, Knowing." Quran 57:3.

When someone asks this question "Who 'created' God', the Glorious Quran says -

• Almighty God exists from the eternal, He is The First.
 Almighty God will exist without an end, He is The Last.

"He is The First, before everything without any boundary. He is The Last, after everything (cease to exist), without an end" - Imam Tabari.

Not a Father & Not a Son

The Glorious Quran teaches that it is not befitting for Almighty God to have a father or to have a son.

"Say: He is Allah, One. Allah, The Eternal Refuge. He begets not (he is not a father), nor was He begotten (he is not a son). And there is none comparable to Him." Quran 112:1-4

• Almighty God is The Complete One in all aspects.
• Almighty God is NOT dependent on anything but anything is dependent upon Him.
• Almighty God is NOT a father of anyone among His creations.
• Almighty God does NOT have a son from anyone among His creations.
• Almighty God is NOT comparable to anything.

Can God Create a Stone which He Cannot Lift?

If Almighty God is all-powerful then can He create a stone which He cannot lift? This is another question from the above mentioned two parties.

We, humans have limitations. We have limitations in the span of life, limitation in our wisdom, physical ability etc etc. Here, the limitation becomes the attribute of a human.

Question: Can Almighty God create something? 

Answer: He is capable of creating anything He wants.

Question: Can God create a stone which He cannot lift ? 

Answer: "Cannot lift" is an attribute of a human. "Capable of creating anything" is an attribute of Almighty God. 

This question is trying to compare the "Capable Of Anything" attribute of Almighty God with the "Cannot Lift" attribute of a human. Just like when someone try to measure how many Meters are there in 1 KG, this question is trying to compare two incompatible attributes.

To all such guys, here is a question – 

• What is 5 KG (Kilo Gram) minus 2 KM (Kilo Meter) ? 

Humans Have Limitations

Just like humans are incapable estimating the rational numbers between zero and one, he is far more incapable of estimating the height & breadth of the attributes of Almighty God.

- Man is incapable of fully counting the rational numbers between 0 and 1.
- Man is incapable of fully measuring the radius of this ever expanding Universe.

"They encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills." - Quran 2:255.